Passage - The Curse of the Manimal

Bran Barr


In this cold and dark forest
Fearg is now alone and revels in a deep animality
He runs and flees without knowing nor understanding
Because terror drowns him, and like an animal terrified by the unknown
He runs until exhaustion Thirsty I lie down by a pond
Its reflection, who is this frightening swine?The beast instinct is now supplanting the man
And his desperate escape seems never to endFor days and days, I've been running
Without knowing where or why I'm going to
I'm losing myself, I forgot all of my being and conscience
Who I was I just don't knowA strange thing distorts me from within
No longer man. I feel likе I loose my soulThe more timе passes, the more Fearg transforms
His crazy eyes turn to red, the body covered with mud and leavesI roam at night, waiting for signs of the red moon
And I hunt like a wild marauder
No longer a man, I feel like I lose my soulThe more time passes, the more woods transform
The Sidh is slowly opening, in a dark and morbid energyWhere have I arrived? World of death
And these animals? Slay them all
The cold obscurity fills my soul
Under these shapeless trees, claws of death
Fearg comes to a glade of black soil
A weird atmosphere emanates from it, evil moodFearg strikes the altar and a giant Daimh Dorka appears
From the black soil and a big fight starts
He bites at the throat of the creature
And this one falls down wounded
But victorious Fearg falls also in a last howl

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