[Intro: Boss Top]
Strech Gang
Get Back mode, bitch
Let's get it
Huh? [Verse 1: Boss Top]
I hit the Glock up, niggas too litty, bitch, I hit the guap up
Niggas wrote statements, niggas was tellin' on me, I hit the lockup
Niggas gettin' popped up, ever try to harass us
Gucci everything from the sock up
Wet the whole block up, came through drippin' on 'em
Somebody mop up
Glock .29 to your boxcut, pop me a bean, bitch, I hit the chop up
Smoke out the P's, bag full of cheese
I'm sippin' purp with that Wockhardt
Foenem be thirsty to drop somethin'
Came down the strip and light the whole block up
Came through swervin' in a two seater lookin' like Vivica A. Fox[Verse 2: King Von]
Von too fly, won't box nothin'
Bitch, you high, go top somethin'
Rollin' off the pills, got a nigga wanna pop somethin'
I'm too hot, they like "King Von, drop somethin'"
What you want? A song? Or a opp? Or somethin'?
Caught his ass lackin', couldn't make the summer
He be workin' packs, he ain't makin' nothin'
Nigga too ugly, he ain't fuckin', he be takin' somethin'
I got hot shells, not burritos
I load 'em and shoot 'em like free throw
I crash the car dozing off on this Zeko
Rap shit easy like I got the cheat code
I got a Mexican freak ho
Her brother the plug, chico
Out like the Jacksons, Tito
And if you want smoke just let me know
[Verse 3: Boss Top]
See, I'm on the come up, still I run up
Light this shit up like the sun up
Fifty round drummer, pipe like a plumber
But it really came from Osama
Get a lotta munna, VVS charmer
I ain't fuckin' shit, no condom
I'm loaded, I'm armed up, reload it and harm some
Motor got hit from the arm up
Brown Gucci socks, Gucci [palm?] bruh
Black Gucci boots when I'm in the Tonka
Hop out this summer, money like Von [?]
Jewelry all water like thunder
Drank in my lungs, smokin' on onion, Backwood fat like a punker
Get Back Mode, I'm droppin' this summer
Streets in the head like [?][Verse 4: King Von]
I tote a Glock not a Ruger, all my niggas smoke Tooka
And I my [?] eatin' steaks with the shooter
Hundred K on a chain, yeah, me and Booka
Betta not tweak, I'm stupid, use your head don't lose it
12 years old when I stole me a Buick
I was too young, I ain't know how to use it, damn
"Ayy, King Von, just drop somethin'", call DQ, go pop somethin'
Opps outside make a nigga wanna mop somethin'
You killed what? Ayy, pussy nigga stop frontin'
See, I'm up in here with the Stretchers
We stackin' up bodies like Tetris
Get the fuck up off my phone talkin' reckless
He got hit in his shit, bet he got the message
[Outro: King Von & Boss Top]
Yeah, yeah
You know what the fuck goin' on, nigga
King Von, Boss Tee know what the fuck goin' on nigga (The fuck goin' on, nigga)
Yeah, yeah
Stretch Gang shit, nigga
What? (Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow)
Yeah (Let's get it)
Yeah (Let's get it)
Yeah (Let's get it)
Game over, you bitch ass niggas
Yeah, Stretch Gang, bitch

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