(Ayo, turn this up Swvsh) [Verse 1]
Yeah, I just turned a cream soda pink, I feel like Bill Nye
Yeah, I told these niggas that I'm the truth, they better realize
Yeah, touchdown at the CVS [?]
Thumb through the bag, drop it on your head, ain't even got it
Yeah, just caught an interception, that's another six
Sipping on this Quagen, I don't like Tris, it tastes like peppermints
These niggas really don't give a fuck about shit, they ready to crash out
Yeah, I been on my shit so they think I'm in my bag now
Yeah, and I know it's all there and I ain't evеn count
You gon' choose [?] blitzed
Yeah, I had to talk my shit causе' I won't go for it
Yeah, these niggas fake as hell, huh, counterfeit
Yeah, I'ma keep filling my cup til' it's over with
[?] posted in the cut, ready to blow some shit
We gon' get em' lined up, yeah it's over with[Verse 2]
A nigga so ahead, they can't even keep up
Yeah, sipping on this turtle juice, with my feet up
I won't hesitate on shit, nigga I don't need you
[?] tell that nigga speak up
Bye-bye, [?]
I been chilling [?] nigga geeked up
Yeah, please don't trip, just get your check up
Niggas ain't got no motion talking about "they next up"
Yeah, if I get impatient then a nigga out of luck
[?] that nigga better duck
Yeah these niggas dirty as hell just like this bitch laced front
If the reaper come and get me, don't say shit, play dumb
Yeah, my cup dark as hell, it look like Akon
Yeah, I'ma get this bag and disappear, won't say none
Yeah, [?] it's gon' clear, it won't take long
Yeah, I'm up

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