Hot Pants - I'm Coming, Coming, I'm Coming

Bobby Byrd


R&B, Funk
[Verse 1]
I'm coming, I'm coming, baby
I'm coming, comin'-come, help me
Make your baby understand
Don't try love, why don't
You take your man
Love can be a two-sided thing
You never get more than you can bring, hey [Chrous]
I'm coming, I'm coming, baby
Ooh, help me
I'm coming, I'm coming, baby[Verse 2]
I'm gonna love you
Don't wanna break your heart
Back up and get ready
And give yourself a brand new start
I said I'm coming, I'm coming, baby
I'm coming, help me, baby[Verse 3]
I can't get no, if you don't stone
Wig out, wig out, oh, hey
I can't knock it
Cause I need to rock it
This day or night
Yesterday was a long day
I missed you the wrong way
I'm coming, hey, coming, baby
Come, come, come, come, come, come, come
Coming, I'm coming, baby
Hey[Verse 4]
Oh, help me, oooh
Oh, baby, I'm coming, hey, yeah
I'm coming, yeah
I can't knock it
I need to rock it
This day or night, baby
This day, this day, this day
I need to rock it, baby
This day, I'm coming
I'm coming, baby, oooh
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm coming, coming
Hey, I'm coming, coming, baby
Oh, I'm coming

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