First take
Same shit, motherfuck
Ain't no jazzy shit [Verse 1: Blvff]
Been livin' present in my past life
Chasin' dream tryna be happy up in a sad life
Ain’t a bad life, more a bat up in the night tryna sleep
But my legs ain't attached right
Barely holdin' on the only thing I grips the graphite
Barely eat words but never given up the last bite
The last slice, always the coldest
So close the box 'fore that chopper photoshop and crop ya top
Like bitches last night, showin' some skin
My dirty Timbs kept the city clean
Island boy but still city dreams
To get the green by any mean or modes
My team stay in my radius
Ain’t leavin' for the goals unless there’s eight of us
Squad be lookin thicker than the Megan does
Posse on some angel dust
Pussies cannot hang with us
Like they ain’t catch the case with us
You'll only slow the pace for us and I laugh
Boy there ain’t no bass up in your voice you like a hi-pass
Always get a kick out you trippin'
Need to tie that shoe
I live for "I" not you
Think back like “Can’t believe that’s true”
Can't believe that's true
Can't believe that's true[Verse 2: nikmoody]
(Watchu doing with me kid?)
I'm off a shot of espresso
I got 4 16's, you can call it Nintendo
I can't think, so it must be an echo
You watch Vlad TV, but my Vlad is Guerrero
The mood swings, but the L is Costello
So I could turn into a dub if I traded to Melo
I got wings and I'm fly as the arrow
That Cupid tried to shoot me with when I was hittin' falsettos
You know this, well this is America
I don't really gotta chill the way my temper be flaring
I gotta go, I'm out on my own
Cause I'm losing friends when the misread the tone
It's all from a text that I sent from my phone
I'm losing control, we're all so alone
But no, chill, I'm not millennial
Loves on the way I won't wait till your burial
Something to say but the people precarious
Don't fit the form cause I shoot like Shawn Marion
No I won't quit cause I'm used to the winter
I been through shit I refuse to remember
All of these dudes in these suits are just figures
Cause they stand as stiff as Medusa's new mirror
I never let no one kill my conviction
You let your mother go fill your prescription

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