[?] [Verse 1: blpil]
Walkin' down the road, I see someone with no shoes on
I run them over, then I put their shoes on
Just went to the bakery, jumped over the display
This baker grabbed me, said "Get out my place"
I said "Touch me anymore, you are definitely gay
Just bought a ring, every kiss begins with Kay
Just pulled up to the Chick-fil-A, I think I saw Tay-K
Pulled up with the stew, chicken rice and cucumbers
These rappers suck, just like an uncut cucumber
Just ate somе stew, now I gotta take a poo
My homie call mе a snack, we ain't talkin' Scooby Doo
Went to my dealer, his real name Demarcus A. Drew
Just snitched on my friend, Demarcus A. Drew
I worried about myself, not about you
My name ain't Chris Brown, but I'mma hit you
Just like Rihanna, I got a shoe
My homies used to work at Subway, they got that free food
Just went to the food bank and I got some free food[Verse 2: Chris Basketball]
My friend Demarcus A. Drew just got snitched on
I beat Demarcus at ping pong
Just went to Quiznos, I got me a sub
Never took a shower, I came out the mud
Just went to Queenstown, I saw Freddie Mercury
I got five-inch biceps, they call me "Hercules"
Just robbed a non-profit, they went bankrupt
Just scammed my friend, he had eight bucks[Verse 3: blpil]
Just took a hostage, said "Get on your knees"

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