On that street remembering you did it before i was preteen
If you people wanna hear this or you dont beats me
Cause id rather vent this shit inside these beats
Fuck you talking bout? That irony?
Try to play me as a vessel from your city
Damn casting spells got eyes on me
Suspicious intentions to prey on me
In this incident i was 11 barely
Feel disgusting just to talk about it embarrassing
Never wanted to just wanted to put myself to sleep
The night it replays and plays for me
I think its time for me to punish you
Dont worry i won't say it in this song its cool
The pics you took of mе at the school
The things you made mе think that too
Some times i try to think its not real or true
You who listens to this would probably rather do
When its breaks your mentality, like dude
The story, origins of this ptsd brew
Cause its men who can trace you way back
Top off the trauma before you even spawn
Dont you think the feds been in on it
The state is deep. Red white blue offices
Lets make them all take vaccines
Its something from a movie unlike anything ive seen
Controlling patrolling. Swear to protect
Fall of man kind, before its time
Plans to mandate cover lies
In the face of all with dissolved it
Covid on the beat getting yall sick
I see a sinister trick i won't quit
The goal for the other side to make me a suicide
Now Can you dig it are you drifting caution dont miss it Tactics remain still intake inhale to have space
Apart from this place for a second 3 lessons today can you get it the message is meds ain't the best way reflections
Deflecting a defect death present im calling yall that cause i see we connected and if you get sad then lets behead depression and cast out the ones with suspicious intentions

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