What is up, homies
*(Anabolic Beats)*
'Boutta end this game [Verse 1]
Rapping right now with my bro
Call him PogChamp 'cause he's cool
Minion Kevin next to me
Giving me all the poopy pee
That was a poop joke, I love those
All the hilarious poop jokes, those were koks[Interlude]
That was a deep polish reference, only those people will get it[Verse 2]
Kevin on the mic, I am Kevin
There's a cactus out the window
That's a lie, he's next to the window!
What are you doing?
Drag and drop your audio clips here to mix[Verse 3]
On my phone right now
Texting my bro bеing like "What the- is up, up?"
I'm like "What is up?"
Hе's like "Nothing bro"
I'm like "Hey bro, you wanna know what"
He's like "Yeah, I do wanna know"
Then I'm like "Hey, I'm letting you know"
Then he's like "Yeah, yeah, yuh yuh yuh yuh"[Hook]
This is the end of the rap game
When I'm done here you cannot stop the flame
That actually rhymed, oh my god, I'm so good at this thing!
Peace out everyone
Have a good night

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