Living with my ghosts lyrics

Wet earth has filled my lungs
The searing truth continues to resound
An ungodly spirit has come to life inside One that will surely shake the tide
Indecision has turned to routine
Reality tearing at the seamsThey say that I'm okay, that I'll be alrightThe truth is
They haven't spent a single day
In this rotting pit I call life
All caution to the wind
Its the lane I'm in and I'm losing control
Please understand that I want to be
The man that you knowJust know that I've been here before
And right now I'm so
CloseI'll drown in the place I fear the most
Dying yet living with my ghosts
Witness my own body rot
While sickness becomes my only thoughtAnd now my lungs
Fill with water
A thousand voices scream that I'm
Already dead inside
Now I can't fight the rising tides
Drifting back and forth
Forever bringing meOn my knees
I'm trembling
Its days like this
That make me see
Don't relapse
On your way down
This time I've become
A radio love songOn my knees again
I'm trembling to see
The me you seeOn my knees again
I'm trembling to see
The me you see

Blind Wolf – Living with my ghosts

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