Yo, what
Hoo han
Queensbridge stand up, motherfuckers [Verse 1]
Blaq Poet attacks, what the fuck you thought was gonna happen
I'm from the days when niggas stood on the corners clapping
Drinking 40's in front of the police
Running around, a straight beast on the streets
I'm lucky I made, I can't believe it
I'm looking around the town, and I'm feeling like Simon Phoenix
Murder, death, kill, all in my mind
You ain't heard this type of shit in a very long time
I'm ten times deadly, ready, aim steady
One to your head and the rest for your belly
The Southside slasher, run up, cut your throat
Just to let you motherfuckers know this ain't no fucking joke
Blaq Poet don't give a fuck
"You don't want it"
I will fuck ya niggas up
"Don't you get it"
Blaq Poet don't give a fuck
"You don't want it"
I will fuck ya niggas up
[Verse 2]
What you motherfuckers gonna do when trouble come
I'm hardcore heavyweight, you bubblegum
My style is buck wild, straight from the slum
I come from where niggas pray to the gun
All you stupid niggas talking that beef shit
Fighting for New York when these are my streets, bitch
I use terrorist techniques
The warrior wreck beats, homerun your head off your neckpiece
It's Blaq Poet, hip-hop most dangerous
Spit the kind of shit to make all the gangs bang to this
All you rap critics got to give it up
I'm like the narcs choking on your neck, make you spit it up[Hook][Verse 3]
My motto is "fuck ya niggas", who want to rumble
I'll drag your little monkey ass all through the jungle
This is what it comes to, I got to come through
Buck shot, buck shot, show you what them guns do
I'm out of my mind, I'm fucking crazy
I'll have momma's baby pushing up daisies
You want it, you got it, I'll give you a death wish
I've been going to war since I was young and reckless
Ask about me, I'm a motherfucking hustler
Dough get low, take the money from the customers
Low down, dirty, grimy
Right in front of your face and you still can't find me
Screwball, went to war with Giuliani
I'm pure New York, got train tracks inside me
Blaq Poet don't give a fuck
"You don't want it"
I will fuck ya niggas up
"Don't you get it"[Outro]
Ya niggas know what the fuck it is
Blaq Poet
Next Level shit motherfuckers
Hoo Han

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