Black rob, BR
Black rob, BR
'Bout to set the record straight, man (the world's famous)
It's '99 man, time to let them know man [Verse 1: Black Rob]
Yo aiyo yo yo
It's kill or be killed
My skillz leavin' them chilled on ice
Like Vince Price when I flash my steel
They can't touch
Won't touch
Never touch
Drivin' around with the toast in they whip, never bust
Puffin dust like fiends
I mean, I want green ya shifty
Cop the big eight fifty, with the gleam
My team
Full of cut throats, with enough notes to write a fuckin' book
Take a good fuckin' look at these bad guys
Stay mad fly, mad high
In the Ford Expedi' and I don't expect to die
On some humble shit
I am on some rumble shit
When it's on you should see the shit I come through with
If you scared by a dog release the four by fours
I heard when faggot ass Don died he shit in his draws
On the streets black good like allstate, ya all fake
Just got paid but, fuck it I want some more cake
Y'all faith, in my hand
Now ya nervous man and drive my brains quick fast, at ya service
My brother Curtis, squeeze gats to celliums
I make it where you can't escape the parra, bedlums
I tell some, live yo life like Puff did
I did enough biz, ask anybody I'm rough kid
Black Rob, We Are
Black Rob, uh-uh
Black Rob, We Are
Black Rob, uh-uh
Black Rob, We Are
Black Rob, uh-uh
Black Rob, We Are
Black Rob[Verse 2: G-Dep]
Yo, yo
I put a finger in the air
For the hearin' impaired
If you're hearin' this fair
Then you're hearin' it clear
Man I fuck with Rob, got put on the job
Don't question it to stars, I'mma put 'em in saw
Straight cake
I suggest you vacate
When I shake, they feel earthquakes in eight states
Oh trait, off the Richter, drunk
Off the liquor
Shot towards you mister
Off course it hit you, hard
It gets hard, I pick the card
Any card, any problem I'mma hit your squad
Eyes on the shapar when I twisted god
You think you got it all together
Get it ripped apart
Man you can't stand the heat
Stay up outta the street
Nigga turnt po-lice 'cause they shot at his jeep
I subtract like mad
Don't make me blast
I want it all, fuck half
Don't make me laugh
By all means
Get this money, it's all green
It's all good
And I wished that y'all would
Man fuck that, security told ya to tuck that
Now up that, now do you see where your luck's at?
I got the game by the balls
And I get all calls
So if you play too much I put the shit on pause
Black Rob, We Are
Black Rob, uh-uh
Black Rob, We Are
Black Rob, uh-uh
Black Rob, We Are
Black Rob, uh-uh
Black Rob, We Are
Black Rob[Outro]
Bad Boy Nigga
Harlem Underworld
The one guy
The gun die
Day one
Life Stories
Black '99
Life Stories
I'm here 1999 baby it's on
I think I'm about to feel something here
We here baby
Bad Boy
Bad Boy

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