I've been waitin' much too long to get it on
It's the same old song, now correct me if I'm wrong
I got the hots, you got the lights steamin' like 100 watts
Ready to blow a fuse, nigga you'se about to lose
If you pass on this, I got the butta kiss
So you can't resist
Now I'mma get you, by all means necessary
I'm never secondary, no need to worry [Billy]
I ain't gon' settle for no one
I ain't gon' give you no reason to say no
And if I give you a notion
That only signals I'm ready for you to come on[Billy]
1 - Baby, wait 'til 'morrow
Don't leave
Stay a while boy
Hear me out
I've been waiting for you
To bring your lovin' on
Come on, come on
Come on[Billy]
Oh don't be shy boy, come on now
We've talked about this for quite some time
You know you want me, oh baby
And I want you
So boy don't front
Say you will be my...Repeat 1[Lyte]
Hot damn, now here he come again
I wanna share my world and let the nigga in
I'm made up of sugar and spice, and everything nice
I got a lot of goodies for a woody with a hoody
So how are you? You puttin' out the fire or what?
Bring out the best in me, ain't you got no guts?
All this time I've been anticipatin'
Come on love, I'm through with the waitin'Repeat 1
Repeat 1Come on (plug one, one, plug two)
*repeat to fade*

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