Man's Not Hot Remix (Shaquille O'Neal Diss Track)

Big Shaq

Man come from the UK, man squadeded up
Squaded up, you dun know
Yeah yeah, yo, you dun know, it's Big Shaq, boom
I'm not even gonna waste my time and rap
Man's just gonna talk over this
Alright, you dun know, boom, let's go
Yeah, alright, yo
Shaquille O'Neal, yeah, ha
You think you're bad 'cause your knees are made of steel? Ha
But you're not, you're moist
Man's seen your armpit dripping
In the changing room
Yeah, alright, cool, uh [Verse]
They call you Big Shaq
But you're not Big Shaq
And your teeth bear plaque
Mine no plaque
You're just wack
Cut some slack
Look at your back
It's just black
I'm thin
I don't sing
Man heard you sing
Phone goes ping
Look at your toenails
They're black
Mouth is white
Like crack
You don't want to see me
In the lab
Man hit your head
Like slab
You dun know, ha
Man don't even waste my time
Like I said, I don't send, you understand what I'm saying?
Man's just got me in the booth
Fresh off the dome, yo[Chorus]
The ting goes skrr ka pa pa katakaka poom poom tukutun poom
When I see man
Kutukum poom poom poom
Kutuku poom poom
You dun know[Outro]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, ayy Shaqille O'Neal
I'm in New York City
If you're bad, come link me, man's in the hotel
But you're not gonna come
You get me? Man's called Biq Shaq
But you can't even roll by yourself, you need your bodyguards
I'm in America, big man! Wah gwan? Come, come link me, bruv!
Say nothing, I'm here, you dun know
Hold tight, Drizzy, hold tight, Busta Rhymes
Hold tight, Puff Daddy, hold tight, DJ Khaled, my brudda
Hold tight, Cardi B
You dun know the ting, bang bang
I'm gone

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