[Hook: Big Sean]
Motherfuck my opponent, started with a vision and a nigga got on it
Met success and a introduced it to my homies, now every single girl in the room gon want us
(x2) [Verse 1: Big Sean]
Hell yeah I hope they hearing us
Imma want the beef, broccoli, and asparagus
Tell them rich folks they can couple up a chair with us
They can sure brag , but I know they can't embarrass us
And motherfuck the opposition (fuck) your bitch wanna make a proposition
Remember when a nigga barely had a pot to piss in, now I'm on my paper
Mr. Composition (what, what?) Excuse me, What? Competition? What?
To me that word is non- existent
And he sound like uhhhhhhh
Quit comparing me bitch
Fuck you with a Ron Jeremy dick
Hell yeah I'm apparently pissed, sonnin' niggas
I could give a parenting tip, I'm too good to really care about shit
Cause I'm young with money like I inherited it, biotchh[Hook] (x2)[Verse 2: Tyga]Get a buzz, champagne and club in the dusk
Wonder on top of the drums before the ambiance
Trying to get the sun involved, reflect on these hoes
No mirrors, my vision is simply through carrera gold
What's your goals when your interests ain't the (?)
Synopsis flow
I give it as the story go
Legion of Doom the superheroes have entered the room
Everyone move, everyone move, except for the Betty Boops
I'm Coming for you
Reservation at pussy pool, let's make it for two
Amateur addict get this long dick stamina
IChat the camera
Screw faced and hammer her
Can't touch it if it's funk
That R&B and bitches say they won't
Hip-hop around '94 'til my soul (?)
Ante up, like M.O.P., fuck your thoughts
It's GED, Young Money until the casket drop
[Hook] (x2)Motherfuck my opponent (x2)[Hook] (x2)

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