Final Hour lyrics

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Catch me running to the money until my feet lose feeling
Stack it wall-to-wall 'till it's leaking through the ceiling
Man, all fucking hundreds so whats that like a zillion?
Working graveyard shifts cause were finna make a killin'
Went from intern to the owner of the building
Bustin nuts counting money like: "Oh what a feeling!"
To be seeing what I'm seeing
After I've seen what I've seen
It's like acting out a scene from a dream of my dream
I got a dream that's worth more then my reality
And pride that's worth more than a salary
And a text from the girl I love I stopped calling
Quote: "I hope it's worth all it"
Sometimes I feel I'm working just to work harder
And then work harder then who worked the hardest
Man the life of a work-a-holic
You either on your work or just working on it [Instrumental Break][Verse 2: Big Sean]
Man fuck it kill'em all we gonna need a ton of flowers
And if you need impossible give me 'bout an hour
It's time to turn a Polaroid into a portrait
Rocking street clothes getting money like I'm corporate
Youngin' getting it isn't life gorgeous?
Bet the crib on 'em and you'll end up with a fortress
And Ima need that new condo, town home, brown stone
Should I fuck with the Dow Jones?
Or maybe I'll put money on the block instead
There's no need to save
I could get change off the street next to the meter maid
Cause I need a main house with a piece of shade
Butler doing such a good job that they need a raise
Bad chick with an Angel ass and an Aalyiah face
Tryna show a little TNA
Hell yeah I'm tryna see the day
Man, life is so bright when you don't see the grey
The new school appointed me to lead the way
A real nigga to the DNA
Me, Mike, Grace, and Dilla
Sticking to the script
And what's-her-name still licking on my tip
Go ahead and tell these bitches who they're fucking with
Man to get where I'm at I'll make her suck a hundred dicks
Man to get where I'm at I'll make her suck a hundred dicks
Her mouth lookin like Dannon
Because of me and Cannon
And to get where we at she had to suck a hundred dicks
[Outro: Big Sean & Don Cannon]
Man I got on Versace shades, Versace belt, Versace shoes
I might've fucked around and been the freshest nigga in the world today
You dont understand man I came from nothing
This what I dreamed about, this what we dreamed about..boyyy
B.I.G. Sean Don nigga, G.O.O.D. Music
Finally Famous in this bitch.. Errything...Detroit what up though?
Ayo Big, Motherfuckers always askin' me like:
When you gonna lend somebody else eat
When you gonna pass the baton on to somebody?
My response is: Fuck I look like Carl Lewis?
I feel like Usain Bolt, I got it running these streets
Who else do it better than me?
So you can cut all the chit chat out right now and just know one thing:
We're finally famous motherfucker
Big Sean – Final Hour

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