Okay! I'm reloaded! [Verse One: Big Mike]
You know we had to do the remix, right? But this ain’t a Bad Boy compilation
Finest MC’s in the nation
Pacing, back and forth, worried bout me
And the best rappers in the Instagram community
We making Magic like the Showtime Lakers
Little boys playing games while I’m out here chasing paper
What you know about being all alone
In this cold, cold world, with nowhere to roam?
I wake up everyday like I’m on a mission
Hustling, hoping that my dreams will come to fruition
I got a family I gotta make proud
I can’t be around, painting the town red, acting like a clown
So if you ain’t about business? Don’t bother me, I’m working
Another Diddy reference for the children
You know Big Mike, man, you know that I’m nice
But what about the homie that I just gave the mic?[Verse Two: A Hype]
Yo, just give the mic to Hype
You already know my type
Colder than a crack pipe
Shit on these niggas then wipe
While y'all got nothing occurring
I'll be the one stirring
Excitement I'm enduring
These beats jacked and I'm slurring
But I deliver dope
Hope y'all can cope with bars
Slippery like soap, BLKMSK rhymes the scope[Verse Three: FuckMax]
You can find me where that bitch Mitt Romney lives
Filling all these Tommy clips all up in his fucking common sense
I'm so confident, hold my cock, I talk my shit
Y'all can kiss the moccasins, your thot is on that sloppy shit
Fuck abstinence, she ride me like a stallion
I can't smoke no BackWoods, this dick is choking, hazardous
We ain't come to converse, pulling up and blasting shit
Shoot you out your Converse with OD in the passenger
Homie ain't capping like a soda pop can
Really up in women's sheets like the Ku-Klux-Klan
Only riding this beat cuz Big Mike is the man
Still lie, still cheat, with a mic in my hand
Erection in his belly so he felt the whole skeleton
Nut on that bitch face and made a mess, just for the hell of it
Bitch I'm out my element, I'll kick you out your relevance
Fuck Eminem, that's how we ending all the 2010's[Verse Four: ben]
Came in with my preschool shooters
Dudes stressin but I’m chillin like Buddha
You pussies smellin like tuna
Want a fist fight, I come with a bazooka
Cause I need to watch my own back
So I stay in third person
Own thoughts is what some of you bitches lack
Never late, ‘cept when I turn my verse in
Out the gate of Hell, I crept givin curses
Gone goes your purses
My fingers burned after writing verses
Go to the hospital just to fuck the nurses
Built like a taco, soft on the inside
Tryna keep down low, but its high tide
After this my contemporaries gon resign
Shouldn't worry too much so I hit recline
Over competition, I'm on cloud nine
Speaking your mind, I give that a cosign
We the new Mount Rushmore, only saying that one time[Verse Five: Slim Martin]
?[Verse Six: BLKMSK]
Mike just hit a three peat
Hotter than my seats heat
Features up on repeat
Hunnids for my seatgeek
Fresh like a peace tea
Test level CP
Whiter than some TP
Come in like steep creep
Bitch I’m perplexed as to why you think you up next
My perfect sets leave you on the bench upset
Straight outta varsity, already on D1
Pardon me but you don’t got no sheets done
Pause this shit for a quick intermission
Chicks is licking if you listening to this shit
Up in your fitted pistons
Get you twisted, have you sittin on the edge of pissing
Don’t come up missing or some innocents is hittin prison
I’m cherry picking every line I spit is handpicked
Don’t wanna leave you with me throwing shit that can’t stick
Very tuned up on the instrumental, eventful with the pens and pencils
So you prolly shouldn’t leave me in a rental
I flick a beat like a thrill pick
I wet it up like a dill pick
Don’t even trip like Raoul Duke
In this azure suit
I could tick like a short fuse
Don’t even stand in the room
You wear the crown then I go snatch it back
Don’t try to pass it off as some elaborate passive rap
You passed it off, I caught an interception
Hand you a little message
Opened it and read it, now you feeling misdirected
Your face red, I can tell that you just got offended
It’s clear that you wanna come surrender
You a pretender
I’m an avenger
Cause this little note
Said I’m the motherfucking GOAT, bitch[Outro: DMX]
Talk is cheap, motherfucker!

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