Subway lyrics

Yeah, reminisce
Yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse]
I'm praying for you even if you don't ask
Just in case the drink [?] might be our last
And those times we laugh and smile become a thing of the past
I'd rather smell the flowers now before I'm under the grass, I know
We got a habit of holding onto those grudges
Emergency break loving
Some folk just ain't budging for they kinfolk
Until they ride in that limo
Kind of parade that you don't wave out the window
That's a sad story, we never dreamed we'd make it past forty
Now that we pushing thirty living fast just ain't worth it
I'm tryna plant a seed and grow it on the richest surface
Have a child with my queen, the closest thing to being perfect
Perhaps this verse is better suited for a song
But sometimes a hook can water down what's going on
And a freestyle will get the point across before too long
I pray my words chime like church bells when I'm gone
The lifestyle of ripping and running is cool for starters
I'm tryna live for now and still focus on tomorrow
Uplifting times and sorrow even if the time is borrowed
And be the kind of king like my father
All I ever wanted was to make my parents proud
Ever since I left the and got my ass up off the couch
The road less traveled but I wouldn't change the route
I put up with the bullshit to put on for the South
A lesson learned
Cuz shit get crazy when you're finally grown
Despite the silent nights God never left me on my own
Made me strong, now I gotta big up my family
Big up my friends, so if these biggies belittle
We'll be bigger than them
I seen it though, clear as day
I get tired of leaving home, sometimes I'd rather stay
And kick it to my pops about the biz
[?] with my brothers and hang out with they kids
I hope they still remember who they uncle really is
I heard they walking now, no more crawling in the crib
No more drinking bottles cuz they asking for a sip
I can't let ya
Thinking back to when grandma used to give me all those lectures
Now that I'm older I can see from her perspective
That money don't buy love, happiness or heaven, blessings
I hope my tongue convey that I'm serious and that you feel it
If these my last words, let them be more than lyrics, Krizzle[Outro]
This is for if you reminisce over me, my God
This is for if you reminisce over me, my God
This is for if you reminisce over me, my God, Krizzle
(This is for if you reminisce over me, my God)
(This is for if you reminisce over me, my God)
(This is for if you reminisce over me, my God)

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