Space Out lyrics

[Hook:] x2
She got me so high, I'm feelin' like a blimp
I first fell in love when her lips touched my lips
Mary Jane you got me, (spaced out)!
And when I'm not with you I (don't know what to do)!
[Verse 1:]
This Mary J, any time we can ball out
Hey, you around whenever my niggas crawl out
We take it cross state, on top secret missions
Hey, I can set you out, I know that she ain't trippin'
I start the morning with ya, I end the day with ya
Fuck what them haters say, I probably never quit ya
I know those fellas hit ya, I know you diggin' me
Cause when we all alone, only into me
And all my fantasies, you helped me see them clearly
And I can't concentrate shawdy when you ain't nowhere near me
They say you healthy for me, you got 1000 names
But in the years that I've come to know ya, you're Mary Jane
You put me on the level, I'm talking highest highs
I been to 10 and 11, I say fuck cloud 9
I never met your brothers, Reggie and Bobby Brown
Heard they can't stand me, so they can't come on this side of town[Hook:][Verse 2:]
No matter where I go, I know that I can find you
And when I'm on my grind, I'm knowin' that you grind too
Hey, I'm a little selfish, I hate to pass you 'round
And when I pick you up, I find it hard to put you down
I keep it tucked away, for all them rainy days
Hey girl, I dig your aura, it's like a purple haze
You got me (spaced out)! And that'll never change
Your body light as air, I watch it float away
Most of my friends come around cause they wanna taste ya
I don't know why, but some suit and tie love to hate ya
But I just love to drape ya, into the finest dutches
And when I'm down, you like a playa crutches
And when I first saw ya, I knew you was a dime
Who woulda known on (?) that you would be all mine
I'm just a lucky a nigga, I'm really glad I found ya
It's safe to say that I don't know what I would do without ya[Hook:][Bridge:] x2
Hey, what you know about her?
Hey, what you know about her?
Hey, what you know about her?
Hey, what you talk about, What you talkin bout?
Ms. Mary Jane, I bet I know about her
I bet I know about her
I bet I know about her[Hook:]

Big K.R.I.T. – Space Out

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