Circulate (Freestyle) lyrics

Hey, this that round table talk, Godfather speech
Jury (?) flashin', toast glasses to the mashin'
Dollars circulatin', haters congregatin'
We know it, we focused and waitin', fuck 'em
I do my dirt in the open, let the folk keep scopin'
They can't stop my coastin', not used to this motion
I touch nothin'
There's no bustin'
I'm too important
Yea, the king of the fortress
Niggas is eatin' off the table I set
Before dessert come out, eliminating the threat
High side on the Jet, like I finally made it
Can't have your cake and eat it, so I'm whoppin' the baker
Send him up to his maker, this is nothin' I savor
Ask God to forgive me... hol' up, I might see him later
Or some chick I fuck way back hate that I'm the boss now
Nigga want some strikes and heard I'm the one to toss now
Plus you gotta watch out for your circle
Best friend from way back when be the nigga that'll murk ya
Sleepless nights is normal now
No more blunts, cuban cigars, I'm formal now
Let's get it
Never force the pieces till they ridged
Cause that's when the Feds start indictment business
Payoffs keep the weight off, till you go legit
Buy land, flip houses, to clean up shit
I'm talkin' Miami loungin', skatin' away free
But somethings in life just ain't meant for me
I hustle till the sun up
The hardest thing to do when you down is come up
Get cars slippin' at a stoplight, gun up
Keep a hurter (?) close if a nigga try to run up
Real niggas out here tryin' to make this money
If they won't hand it to me, I'mma take this money
Sometimes I hate this money
Hey, I'mma bully in the school of life
I went from no dough to polos and rockin' red ice
Rubies, Louie, I got that for my bitch
Bags, rags, tags, to ball and shit
I don't think these niggas hear me though
I'm on that put you on a cereal box shit
See men block shit
Hang you off a buildin' till you show me the spot shit
Whats the combination when they leavin' and when do they drop shit
Get money nigga, fuck what they talkin' 'bout
Last nigga comin' in, the only nigga walkin' out

Hey phone tall (?) no cash shit at the end of this one
They say nigga from Mississippi ain't got no lyrical content
And they sayin' the South ain't hip hop
You got me fucked up
Get money nigga!

Big K.R.I.T. – Circulate (Freestyle)

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