Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Big Brovaz


Rap, Soundtrack

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) lyrics

Grrr....grrrr..... [Chorus]
Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin
Again, again, again[Verse 1]
I never thought that I'd be on the cover of a magazine
Everybody told me that I've must give it up on my dreams
So I wanna thank you for letting me be me
No matter what I do do do
I'm gonna give the best of me[Verse 2]
All my dogs tell me where ya at
And all my ladies gather 'round 'cause guess what?
Yes y'all, we are back!
Turn your speakers up a not
And let you base bump in you house till your neighbors start bop
Go ahead and express yourself
Nothing gets you higher than you get yourself
......when they try to hold you down
Sing along to the chorus when it come around man[Chorus]
Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin
Again, again, again[Verse 3]
Once again
Uh, oh, uh, oh
Don't be scared, uh uh
I make up most as weirdo to most people
I don't know what they're so scared of me for
When it's the same thing wherever we go
They get hypnotized and sing [what we flow?]
You need some Big Bro in your soul
Believe me, let go, let us take control
I'd like to speak to the peeps it's the least I could do
Cause if it wasn't for you, thanks
It wouldn't be possible[Verse 4]
Thank you for letting me be
What I wanted to be right from the start
You helped me make it for while ......?
I'm glad to be a part of this great experience
I'm so delirious that we made it this far
Raise your hands up high
It's Big Bro for life
I thank my lucky stars[Chorus]
Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin
Again, again, again[Verse 5]
At the very start we were like (bark bark)
And now we're like (woof woof)
Party people who don't give a (woof)
Raise the roof, roof, roof
Move up to a higher level
Now gettin' more back from our supporting people
So I say
All the haters who wouldn't believe in us and I say
All the people who told us we couldn't bust so (bark bark)
Here we are now (bark)
Blowing up now (bark)
I just wanna thank you again[Verse 6]
Best that we back at it
When we came to the USA we all happy to bring magic
We knew we was gonna make it
Because we just too real that we can't fake, [we heart break it]
See, me being me is the thing I adore
I ain't never ever had to change before
I keep it real for my dogs
Make 'em up jump on the floor
From the front to the back
I make 'em walk, walk, walk[Chorus]
Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin
Again, again, again

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