Mans Squadded it up in the booth ye (Like Michael) [Verse 1]
Pedo Charles he ain't Prince Charles who I know
I came back to dissin' to this (Ahh pathetic)
I don't give a fuck this the thunder struck flow
Flow like Busta Rhymes, you like 6ix9ine a pedo
I think you stink of a Dorito, Imma stab you like Vegito
I came outside and seen a pedo (That James Charles)
He comes for straight E-Boys without permission
I had a mission to diss you mothafuckas
Bro I swear you are more scarier than Jeff The Killer
Dissin' is my passion but it ain't my fashion
Surpassin' these hoes like I'm nevеr crashin'
You even remixеd Tyga's song "Taste" (Both pedos tho)
Was tasteless that useless
That was more tasteless than the worst food I had
Mad of these bitches got me like "Bruce Lee"
I'll be MMA like a fighter bitch this ain't nah fam
Man I'll shank you up like bro shut up
You a expired version of Jefferey Star
You ain't even a star, I'll steal yo money
Like bro shut up
I'm big, Big Ant Dog
Bro if you come after me after this look at the ting
Like he a pedo like bro what you doing
Bitches think they bad
Shout out Sebee
He god he says "No Cop No Stop"[Verse 2]
They call you James Charles but you call kids
Touching 'em kids (Ew, ew, ew)
You masturbating to 'em kids like Adam Johnson
When you blonde fam you look like Boris Johnson
You the Morrison version of Kylie Jenner
You think you hard
I'll give you a punch in the face
Pow, pow, pow
You a pedophile look at the file
You come for the kids like the wild
They minors you think you have a vagina
I'm the Biggest Ant Dog

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