[Verse 1: Big Ant Dog]
Yeah, I’m with the bro Mo
These haters gonna be hoes
I have the multiplied flows
I’m heating this up with stoves
I’m more sicko than a mode
She told me that I’m the king
I don’t just sing I rap
No cap she want me to slap
I don’t give no crap about no rules
I don’t care about these political fools
My hip hop like jewels
I gotta wait till it cools, more ASAP
And I fight like Rocky

Nearly got arrested people mossy
Bossy mode, toxicity loading up
The audacity of the fans up
Literally lyrically winning
Physically temper
Yeah yeah bitch I’m Big Ant Dog
Yo Danny I thought you keeping it manly
But you acting like a fanny
Can he not fight
Nah he scared, confronted him like
A bear bitch call me trash
I bet you never surpass bitch
Fuck the opps, dare them to hop out
Like cops, need no stops
Like Ronaldo chops (Chops bitch!)
Fuck on your bitch like (Uh, uh)
I'm the bulldog B.A.D
6ix9ine I'll knock your skull off dawg
Famalam makes an album like DAMN
Shout out Ryan (Shout out!)
Are y'all even tryin', If I pull up y'all cryin'
I'm laughin' dyin', buyin' yo bitch
Shout out Rue, shout out to my G's
Pull up on you like bees
P's fam, white tee's like powder
Defeat you NB like Mario beats Bowser
Search it up on the browser, yo momma is a wowser [Chorus: Big Ant Dog]
We keep it ASAP
We d-don't cap
'C-'Cause we keep it ASAP
We d-don't cap
Tekashi the fuckin' rat[Verse 2: Mo (?)]

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