A cloud has just seen another now we move
A cloud (Ayy)
A cloud has just seen another now we move
A cloud (Ayy) [Verse]
I took some psychedelics before I sleep
The reason why the red is in my eyes
Girl, I'll never tell you lies
Amen, amen
I just went to sleep woke up in the middle
Now I caught her fiddlin’ like I'm filterin' it like censored
Entered the nighttime now
Fuck these fake people thеy are the feloniеs
These dudes tryna do shit but they pretenders
These fakes tryna be black feel like they are the enemies (They blackfishing)
(Woah woah woah)
(Yeah) I haven't slept since LIFE II
They loving the crew, the crowd big it looks like a queue
Just hopped in the crib I'm like "What's new"
If you knew where the stu' was I should have gone pew pew pew
I’m a rager call me Mr. Rager like Cudi
Tryna buy a new huddy with my new buddy
My stummy hurt like I’m Carti
Her tummy lookin' magnificent
But I don’t have the time, B (Nah)
I'm like Travis I'm creating la flames
They play too much they playin' games
Like it’s wicked games call me Abel
I don't need no label for no soul
I'm cold got me some psychedelics for the night

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