Let’s K-nock K-nees lyrics

You're my type of a shy type of a beau, dear (Beg pardon?)
So let's do things (Oh really?)
I'll teach you a few things (You talking to me?)
Now who said just what you said, for I know dear (Oh, no, no I've been reading, look here)
I'm not bashful, I'm mash-ful and pash-ful (I'm beginning to sense that...)
When you're near I feel so "let's play house"-y
Oh you make me feel so Mickey-Mouse-y (Oh! for a well-known lawyer at a place like this...)

Chorus 1
You're sweet and so agreeable
And I feel so "gosh, oh gee"-able
Do warm me or I'll freeze
And let's k-nock k-nees
You are so "bill and coo"-able
And I'm so "I love you"-able
Comе cuddle closer pleasе
And let's k-nock k-nees (Is this sort of a game?)
They say make hay while the sun shines (An agricultural term...)
So let's, oh, let's make hey-hey-hey while the moon shines
My heart's so "tick-tock-tick"-able
Your lips are so lipstick-able
You know your ABCs
So let's k-nock k-nees (Oh, Guy!... Never mind)

Chorus 2
It's so incomprehensible
It doesn't seem quite sensible
And yet I like it, please
Let's knock knees
It's almost hoi polloi-able
And yet, it's quite enjoyable
Oh, I'm full of rhapsody
(Too many people here)
Tripping, skipping, lightly bounding
Stop it, knock it
Really, this is most astounding
It makes one feel so thrill-able
"Well, we've exhausted every syllable"
I crave frivolity (I've got one)
Let's kno-

Instrumental Break
Let's knock knees


Betty Grable, Edward Everett Horton – Let\'s K-nock K-nees

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