[Verse 1]
You're my type of a shy type of a beau, dear (beg pardon?)
So let's do things, (Oh really?)
I'll teach you a few things (You talking to me?)
Now who said just what you said for I know dear (Oh, no, no I've been reading)
I'm not bashful, I'm actual and pash-ful (I'm beginning to sense that...) When you're near I feel so let's play house-y
Oh you make me feel so Mickey-Mouse-y (Oh! for a well-known lawyer at a place like this...)[Chorus 1]
You're sweet and so agreeable
And I feel so "gosh, oh gee"-able
Do for me or I'll freeze
And let's knock knees
You are so "bill and coo"-able
And I'm so "I love you"-able
Come cuddle closеr please
And let's knock knees (Is this somе sort of a game?)They say, make hay, while the sun shines (An agricultural trend...)
So let's, oh let's, make hay hay hay while the moon shines[Chorus 2]
My heart's so "tick-tock tick"-able
Your lips are so lipstick-able
You know your ABCs
So let's k-nock k-nees (Oh, Guy!... Nevermind)
It's so incomprehensible
It doesn't seem quite sensible
And yet I like it, please
Let's knock knees
It's almost hoi polloi-able
And yet, it's quite enjoyable
Oh, I'm full of rhapsody
(Too many people here)
Ripping, skipping, lightly, bounding
Stop it, knock it
Really, this is most astounding[Chorus 3]
It makes one feel so thrill-able
"Well, we've exhausted every syllable"
I crave frivolity (I've got one)
Let's kno-[Instrumental Break]
Let's knock knees[Instrumental]

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