[Verse 1]
It was all a dream, SK 100 round magazine
16 on the scene before I had a thing
When livin' life like I am was just a fantasy
I started off with trash bags full of tree
They good go and a week [?]
They're doing bad and it's sad that they're mad at me
I'm far from innocent, the streets made me militant
God forgive me I repent everytime I sin
My shooters gettin' [?], he wants to kill again
I'm on that new Berner, homie fill me in
Pussies snitchin' and people dying, the younger violent
My pack is loud, it's far from quiete so come and buy it
I'm young and wild, I hardly smile, I'm in Ohio
With freeze movin' these P's, watchin' this money pile up
They can't believe where I'm at, I think they're in denial
Another case dropped, we didn't go to trial [Hook]
It was all a dream, I was struck in the dro but I made it crack
Put on my money and blow and then I made it back
Forgive me lord, I know I'm wrong for the way I act
But I got prices on my head so I'm staying strapped
I came a long way from where I started out from
Big money and guns, you know the outcome
AK by the window, waitin' like Malcolm
All white Phantom, this is the white album
[Verse 2]
White chicks with that shit that they like to sniff
White diamonds on my wrist, white [?]
White pills, white motherfuckin' album
Starin' out the window with my rifle like Malcolm
How you make it out from where you started out from?
Big money and guns, you know the outcome
I came a long way from robbin' homes
No father in my life, he left us on our own
Mom did the best she could but I needed more
I'm seeing more money than I've ever seen before
17 sellin' hella cream and I put my first milli up before I turned 23
Nightmares have done young just like my mom
I got prices on my head, yeah they want me gone
But I'mma ride it out, figure it by hidin' out
Been hungry, quick money that's what this life's about[Hook][Verse 3]
Rozay by the case, different weed to taste
When I leave the states you know I'm gonna bring some weight
It's been 5 years now since he seen the cage
He got the right lawyer, he'll beat the case
But it's been 10 years since he seen her face
His baby moma's trippin', she keep playing games
His own daughter think he's dead, she doesn't know his name
He just wants to explain why he went away
X Phantom still selling, fuck with the rest, tell 'em
He feels like he's alone and I can't help him
And I'm praying that everything goes well
Another day, another coke sell, huh..
Another driver hit, I'm hoping that he won't tell
I got a solid plan, I'm knowing that I won't fail
This kind of life comes with ups and downs
It finally feels like my luck might be runnin' out

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