Benny The Butcher Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #103

Benny the Butcher


[DJ Sourmilk]
Yes sir, LA Leakers, Justin Credible, Sourmilk [Justin Credible]
That's right[DJ Sourmilk]
Buffalo, New York done stepped into the LA Leakers studio
It's been a minute since we've done this and...[Benny the Butcher]
It's been a while
It's been a while[DJ Sourmilk]
...what better way to relaunch these freestyles then, you know[Justin Credible]
The Butcher[DJ Sourmilk]
The Butcher[Benny the Butcher]
Yes sir, let's do it
We in this thing together, let's do this
Let's get to it man
Like I said
I never rapped ovеr this beat, Burden of motherfucking Proof
Thе Butcher coming, nigga
It go like this though
Yo yo
Don't talk to me about no promises
Street shit up and down, rich then
Broke, I had more runs than Jackie Robinson
What y'all boys know about raw boy
Brick in an envoy had me doing squat listen to y'all boy
They say I'm getting famous
So I should use the platform I got from entertainment, somehow, and change shit
They want my take on social justice issues, I get that
But telling y'all what y'all want to hear, nah, I ain't with that
A rapper post a meme, y'all treat him like Dr. King
His record label pulling strings, they only want him to stream
Donating money to the homeless just to post it on screen
When he got family members that's broke that he don't feed
Fuck I look like playing games and getting tricked
What the fuck is 20 percent when a nigga already rich
Left the game in 2016 and that was it
It's the champ that won every fight like they was fixed
Christian Dior shirt rocker, two-Glock wearer
Only rapper that would have thrived in the 2Pac era
I'm talking '98 drug money, shoebox era
I proved myself every tape and the proof got clearer
Niggas make threats, we pay killers and take bets
Fuck with us and end up bad like dope you can't stretch
Twenty-something years in and ain't make a mistake yet
If you ain't spending half an M, ain't no way to relate yet
Mob ties, I'll prick your finger before I respect you
I know some niggas that rather kill you before they respect you
Me and my niggas
And fuck rap, me and my niggas sold boy, it's professional
Scars on my body still, they say I signed illuminati deal
Cause this paper talking to me like it's Johnny Gill
I let the
I let a bitch slide, her attitude fake, but her body real
I'm on point where my enemies not
I shoot with nobody around me like a penalty shot
When niggas' traps was warming up, mines was literally hot
The promoting I did, Pyrex should be giving me pots, look
That's how you handle business, now my name is in the Guinness
Records, next to, and retired drug dealers
Side note, I'm the realest, signing off, Mr. Pennick
This money ain't change shit, I'm gangsta from start to finish
Let's go[Justin Credible]
Yo Benny[Benny the Butcher]
Yo let's go[DJ Sourmilk]
We back
He said we was going viral[Benny the Butcher]
This Leaker shit back[Justin Credible]
Leaker shit back[DJ Sourmilk]
Oh my goodness[Benny the Butcher]
I'm happy I can come christening shit
We back
The door's back open[Justin Credible]
Hold up
All rappers, the door is back open
[Benny the Butcher]
The door is back open[Justin Credible]
The bar is set very fucking high[Benny the Butcher]
Leakers, nigga[DJ Sourmilk]
Over this beat too, brother?[Benny the Butcher]
Over this shit right
I never rapped over this beat before[Justin Credible]
Burden of Proof[DJ Sourmilk]
Yes sir[Justin Credible]
You're welcome
This that [?] flow
LA Leakers
Benny the Butcher
Power 106
[?] for hip-hop
Greatness, champion flow
Yes sir

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