Every time I die a little more inside
When you told me to speak on it, I'ma speak on it, fuck it
Mumble rap, man
Mumble rap right?
That’s what we doin’?
Yeah, Alright [Verse]
Wonder if God heard me pray when I was trying to repent
If he didn't, I know he heard my mother cry over rent
Then you wonder why the mood inside this room is so tense
No offense, but I don't really got nowhere to go vent
Oh yeah, success is like a drug, and I been high on the scent
Feel like I wasted all the money, and the time that I spent
Maybe the tears inside my eyes had me blind with revenge
I told her even if we crash I'ma ride 'till the end
There I go lying again, don’t know why I pretend
Hold up, let me try this again
Lord, you know I never open up
Abusing drugs, never thinking I was dope enough
She's over me when I'm the one that she's supposed to love
At least my heart broke enough for the both of us
They told me play your part (play your part)
Boy we different, you smart
Let her lay in your bed don't ever let a bitch in your heart
Still around the same ones that I was with from the start
Though the distance got us drifting apart
Felt betrayed
Swear to God 'till this day man this shit hit my heart
Wanted to shine so bad that I got left in the dark
Still love you
Can’t help but see that kid in the park
Runnin' 'round the town looking for some shit we can start
Any issues I was right there with it (I was)
I bought my dream house, but I been having nightmares in it
The game ugly
Just tell me why you can't love me (why?)
Or why the fuck you're ashamed of me
You can't judge me
That's why I stay numb
And the smartest thing I ever did was play dumb (Uh)
Staying up nights 'till my day comes
Old memories had me wishin’ that we stayed young
I'm a mess thinkin' less so I'm saying more
I talk to God about you so I'm praying more
That's why I smoke a hundred blunts straight
Pops left, moms cried for a month straight
Used to cry too but I would never show her
Superwoman feel blessed if you ever know her
Look at all this shit that we made it through
They bugged the house and they raid it too
If that ain't ironic I'm a crazy fool
Play it cool, baby, play it cool
They don't acknowledge my accomplishments
My opp was just a optimist
I'm copping shit, but still I'm not convinced that this is opulence
I can probably fuck Pocahontas right out her moccasins
Killing everything that I'm authoring like the offering
Ten stitches with my limbs twitching
You ever went through withdrawals 'till ya skin itches?
Screaming "Fuck what you think"
Tears falling while I write it down, smudging the ink
Please pour out a couple of drinks
Sometimes I wish that I was up there with Chinx
You wouldn't even care if I ever died
So I wrote this for the tears that you'll never cry

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