I-I'll be a good little boy, I promise. Just let me back [Verse]
Uh, this shit is stereotypical
Blame rap, yeah, very original

I am not holy or spiritual
You bein' overly critical

Media throwin' subliminals
They wanna make this political
Y'all put the "anal" in analytical

Reportin' the truth is a miracle these days and we need the proof
Wait, this shit's a phenomenon
Middle finger in the air, hair down and I'm feelin' like Chaka Khan
Through the fire, no Babylon
Only villain in the Comic-Con
Poppin' M's all night, Shyamalan
If she's a ten, then she get the dick, she might just get the decathlon
My liquor darker than the NecroComicCon
Sprinkle molly like it's parmesan
Raised in the jungle, no Amazon
Shoulda booked me during Ramadan
Soccer moms, I'm sorry you left with your ovaries tramautized
But, I'm 'bout to give you a reason to overly dramatize
'Cause I never apologize, unless there's tears on my mama's eyes
And I just checked, my mama's fine
Please don't provoke me, I come alive
All this attention is all over censorship
I want some Grammys and y'all didn't mention shit
Nominated for an Oscar, but you wanna stick to the negatives, I see the picture

Shout out CP24
Do people even watch TV anymore?
My only fear is bein' poor
They fear me in the Forbes

They gon' hear me on these tours, for sure
Ooh, wait, this shit feel just like a witch hunt
Fuck hoes, tits, ass, bitch, cunt
Got a slick tongue

How crazy is it I'm the rich one?
How crazy is it that you're so mad?
When they hear these verses from they own dad
When I do it, why's it so bad?
Oh well, can't tell, I'm so glad
You know what the fuck I do with a notepad
Fuck outta here, let's go

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