[Intro: Belly]
Yeah, yeah
Alright, look
Uh [Hook: Belly]
Alcantara roof
No Panameras, I'm talkin' new Carrera coupes (uh)[Verse 1: Belly]
Aloe vera paint
Blood sucking jump off, should wear a parachute, yeah
Yeah, it really wasn't your year, was it?
Buyin' champagne on a beer budget (Fuck it)
I don't got sympathy for my own tears (Nah)
Whole years I was slept on by my own peers
In the crosshairs of the people that I hold dear
So scared, I had to conquer my own fears
Mi amor, your aura should be your strongest feature
But you can't keep a secret or a promise neither (Nope)
You was never honest, just a non-believer
Facial features blank like the Mona Lisa
Nostalgia feeling child-like
We don't really live the same but we might die alike (High on life)
[Hook: Belly]
Uh, alcantara roof, yeah
No Panameras, I'm talkin' new Carrera coupes, aye
Look, uh[Verse 2: Belly]
I dodged the demons, I'm forever proud
But every then and now I still go shut 11 down
Exotic women I got a taste for
I'm goin' ape, fuckin' bitches in my Bape shorts
Penthouses on Lake Shore, I paid for
Trap house on the eighth floor, we stay pure
No couches, no decor, I made sure
This my motherfuckin' party, how I'm late for it?
Alcantara ceilin'
I tried to explain but I just can't compare the feelin'
Peelin' off, my chain like icing with the carrot fillin'
The hero is unappealing, they only feel the villain[Hook: Belly]
Yeah, alcantara roof (She can't tell the truth)
No Panameras, I'm talkin' new Carrera coupes[Verse 3: Pusha T]
911 Turbo S-in if you're guessin' (Uh)
Carbon fiber everywhere, the boy's a Jetson (Ooh)
Top sittin' on it perfect like a Stetson
I ain't no cowboy, I want it now, boy
This is your burial (uh), just call me sound boy
Minus the patois, nigga the flow is agua
Papi sold me a brick and taught me the cha-cha
Godfather Part 3, I'm Joey Zasa
Hakuna Matata, the jeweler don't bother
When he knows the vet's golden and holdin' his Iguodalas (Woo)
Take a moment to digest
I'm stuck on fast-forward while most of y'all digress
I'm the best, this Floetry, you 'say yes'
The shepherd strike, the sheep will scatter, just stay blessed (Yuugh!)
This is Bobby Fischer chess
The king takes over your rook then what's next, niggas?
Alcantara roo-
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