Your living will harden
As there's more time to kill each cell
Each day that you dwell
On a sense of life that threatens
Response will little regard
On a sense of pain against which God is no guard And I pray for you as you asked me to
But still I wonder what good it will do
I pray for you as you told me to
Even though I know it does
No good will come from this
No thought could ever defend
A body that lies in conscious decay
If I could sign my name
With the fluid that comes from my bones
If I could sign over half of myselfI'd do it for you
You'd never ask me to
But still I'd wonder what I could do
I'd do it for you
As you told me not to
Even though I know it does no good
For your living will
No good for living well
'Cause your god
For your living will
Is no good for living well

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