This is nothing I can do alone
You make me lose control This is nothing I can fix by sitting around all day
And you know that is my greatest mistakeTake me on a walk through the forest
Maybe we will sat down at the lakeHelp me to forget about the things that bother me so much
I'm gonna heal but I'll take some luck and I'll takeI
Need Time
Oh I will be fine
But I need timeOh I was looking for a way to get a better view
And isnt it a bit confusing that I heard that you are on a rondevue
And you said that you'll need some time to get up
But you went together with a new guy just a few weeks
After we've been finally throughThe timing was a bit uncomfortable for me, but I know that you were
Never looking for a man to stand above me
Oh and honestly I can not say, I wouldn't've take a simular way
And now I hope that you're ok and I'll be finally fine some day, sing
Please be patient
Please be kind
Please be balanced
And Please be fineI
Need time
I know that I'll be fine some day
But I need timeI
Need time
I know that I'll be fine someday
Dont forget about meI care for you still and I will
That was my part of the deal

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