She's an angle, came down from above
Sun shines through her fingers
This must be love Everyday's the sameI don't wanna be me anymore
I don't know what I'm living for right now
Can someone tell me how I can ignore
This madness deep inside of meEvery day is long until it ends
What ever you do it will depend on you
But if you are surrounded by a fence
The best days are those you sleep the mostSilence, I can't hear you
Singing nothing's not enough for me
Sober, older, I am, over youEveryday is the sameLast night, I was on the blue side
Looked back on some good times, thinking about youSometimes someone is the right type
To living a good life someone who's like youSad vibes all the songs are fast writes
Talking from my chest might make talk of youSilence turned out to be my friend
Turned out to be violent, all I need is youDaylight makes me think of night time
Makes me think of nice times, makes me think of youIts cold, but leave the window open
Keep the river frozen, pull the steering wheelIts over, god I'm getting sober
Forget what I told ya, I'm still missing you

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