Soon I'll be 20 this might be a rap song
But I'm not a rapper this is just a map of the
Things I expect, yeah the future has never been
Closer to me and I feel like I'm loosing it Done this shit, seen this shit, writing it, singing it
Hearing it, living it, mixing it, feeling it
Long time ago I start playing it on the piano and stringing it on the guitarGetting rid of the problems I got now I'm done with
Pretending that I know a thing 'bout my life
And its killing meRinging me, saying "I don't understand, but I'm here when you need me"
And keep you beside me and help you whenever I can
Put your love in my chest and your trust in my hands
You can tell I'm not lyingAnd that I know exactly how you feel
I've been on a low for so long, so longLook at this guy in the mirror and tell me
That his only problem is probably nothing
But timing and bad hesitaion
And he will be smiling and knowing he'll have to be patient forever
He never will looking back on the beginning
Or singing about all the songs that he wrote about her
And its time to move on to another kiss
Yeah, but this is a decision that he can not take on his own
And its not in his skills to become a new lover
But somewhere in places there will be a mirical mirror
In front of a cute little girl that is looking for love
And she's begging to heaven that somebody's coming
To help her right out of this phase
She's patient, cause love is just right on its way
I've been on a low for so long, so longCan you show me how to live?
Live without this emptiness...
Can you teach me how to give?
Give without the fear that you will quit...I've been on a low for so long and now I'll finally be back again
Give myself a little vibe of hope and writing songs that will make me smile again...

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