What You Don’t See lyrics

Underneath us all
Is a lifelong call
Came from no-thin-ing
To have e-very-thing

Verse 1: HiiQ
You see the big car that I ride
You don’t see, to get there it took drive
You don’t see, all them tears that I cried
Paint drippin wet, easy ride to get the ‘vet, shit

You just see a brilliant mind
Think it’s easy to find all the words that’ll rhyme
You ain’t saw all the time that I grind
Loggin’ long hours, ‘n givin up the pine
Lookin’ for the set path but I’m blind
Them runway lights wasn’t lined
Couldn’t lift off but I was tryin’
If I said I didn’t crash I’d be lyin’
Shootin’ for the stars tryin’ to reach Orion
Chartin’ for them stars like a Mayan

You see all the money and the cash
You don’t see, when I was down to my last
You think I’m loadеd, yeah, always stayin’ strapped
You don’t see when I was strappеd for the cash
Contemplate turn the heat on myself ‘n let it blast
I was promised to finish first
That bubble burst, how’d I end up last?

Robbin’ on that sweet life
Jolly Ranchers, Jolly Rogers
Shit it wasn’t all jolly with that bitter white flag on the mast
Felt like givin up
But I ain’t given out
Not now, not later, not ever
I’m on the elevator
Getting high from the haters
You gon’ pay me my respect
Is it now or is it later?
Candy Bars, sellin’ out the box
Now straight pimpin’, sellin out the box

Duffel bag boy, duffel boy
Get the bag boy, get the bag boy
You a bad boy, you a bad boy
Go ‘n get the Juice, ‘n that’s love
Rest in peace youngblood
But there’s other ways off the street

Hook: HiiQ
You can say, that ya boy’s got it made
You can say, it’s been straight lemonade
You can say, it’s all sunshine no shade
You can say, all the roads they were paved
But I know, it’was dirt roads in the day
‘N I know, some days it was gray
‘N I’ll always remember, the hand I was gave
‘N I’m takin them lemons to the grave

I had to pay to get paid
Had to make it wasn’t made
Had to make it wasn’t made
What’cha say, what’cha say, ayyyy
I had to pay to get paid
Had to make it wasn’t made
Had to make it wasn’t made
All day

Verse 2: HiiQ
You see the big house on the hill
You don’t see that little shack that I grew up in the ‘ville
Take ‘em back, take ‘em back
Yeah back before stacks, before we rolled ‘Lacs
Before Rolex, before da big mac
We were eatin’ big macs, we were smokin’ those stacks
Characters the only thing we didn’t lack
Take ‘em back, take em’ back

Ascension started as a stairstep crack
In a Riverdale trap
Yeah back before these handsome stacks
Things were kinda ugly
I mean that hoods tryin’ to hug me
Fizzy drinks, ‘n that shit wasn’t bubby
Just sayin’
It wan’t always lovely
Just sayin’
It wan’t always sunny
Just sayin’
We didn’t always have this money

Barrage – What You Don\'t See

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