2:14 Freestyle lyrics

Right wrist Bust down Michael Kors
I’m headed to the top of the game yes of course
Lambo parked outside just for me
And I only like my jewelry made from Tiffany (Uh)
Got a gold chain and I feel like mark twain (mark twain)
I’m wearing my dark shades like Stevie wonder (Stevie Wonder)
Come get your girlfriend she want my number (my number)
When I hit the booth I’m hot like summer (like summer)
New month new flow people said I couldn’t grow
Had to show I could flow with any other pro (othеr pro)
Been here doing this go ahead and rеad the script
This another smash this another hit (this another hit)
Don’t ask me if I’m classy just know that I’m legit
If I don’t write it then people won’t like it
Don’t fight it just be yourself and ignite it
Your Party was a blast my fella I’m excited (I'm excited)
You tell me cool down (cool down)
I don’t know what imma do now
I stomp on a hater
For acting like he a player
Lost my soul, never
I’m only getting better
I brace for any weather (I brace for any weather)
Can’t keep up
Around me don’t slip up
Cause I won’t make music if it's not worth it (not worth it)
You hurt my feelings
I lost my feelings
Now I’m numb to it (now I'm numb to it)
Act dumb to it (dumb to it)
On the track I’m a menace
I wanna go visit Vegas
I know you think it’s weird
Why did he say this
Cause I wanna visit Vegas when I become famous
If I ever buy a car it gotta be the latest
In my city I’m a hidden gem I’m the greatest
Where you at? Find me on the track
Never took a day off I just love to rap
Never do a freestyle cause that’s how you get profiled (profiled)
I rest my case
Watch how you talk to me when your in my face (in my face)
When you talk about the greats
You should know where is my place
I don’t have to beg for roses
I’m the rap games Moses
Took couple losses
But everyone makes mistakes even bosses (even bosses)

Bank Legal – 2:14 Freestyle

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