Lets Spin lyrics

[Intro] (Elvis)
Die Drilly
Suck my dick
Dalilah, Rah Rah
Grrrr, Gang[Bam Bam:]Spin the Hill let's shoot at a O
[?] got hit in his throat
Smoking [?] but that nigga float
Lotti spliffed bitch pass me some more
Bend the Hill and I'm looking for Blockwork
When I'm smoking on Blockwork
[?] a thot and she fucking on [?]
Imma give you a [?]
Got the drop on his crib
Imma slide with two apes two crips
We spot a O put that boy in a spliff
Imma keep dumping watch somebody hit
52th where it's lit
Boy tried to run and got hit in his shit
Now the cops, on my dick
[?] hop out and I bet I'm gon' blitz
On that Ave dont lack
I see the opps and I'm upping it fast
Yo TG where they at
Bend through the front while I creep through the back
That's a opp where they at
Please don't trip imma fuck up the track
[?] ask why I keep me a strap
Spinning my side imma spin it right back
[?] let's get into that
Upping it first I ain't upping it back
Spread the leg I beat up the cat
If she try to line me then she getting wacked
[?] yeah we smoking his packed
Mix it with Dummy yeah we getting smacked
If he run put the beam on his back
Hollows they [?] leave a nigga flat
[TG Crippy:]Mister hop out put a nigga in a spliff
I ain't never really give a shit
Lil G pull up toting on his shit
If he jacking LV get hit
[?] got striped
Now see if that nigga gon' spin
I'm OYK nigga suck my dick
I'm OGK niggas know how I get
Niggas love sucking JB dick
Til' I pop out the cut tryna catch me a hit
Who that, dont lack hop out the V tryna catch me a hat
Dummy got poked nobody got back
[?] got smoked by a dyke shit sad
Spin through hop out move tact
Pass it to Bam he gon' up it and clap
Spin through the Hill niggas better not lack
First one I see getting left on his back
Smoking on Dubski they still ain't get back
Smoking on Mex while I'm looking for Matt
Niggas talk but they never get back
Dammy and LV got hit in his neck
Yus Gz got hit in his chest
How the fuck them niggas ain't get left
What the fuck
If I got it, I spot him, I'm upping, Imma let it dump
Now he runtz
He was talking in raps when we see him he ain't have his gun
Catch a gun he get beat with the gun
Clicking on Gunnaz we do this for fun
Catch a OY I'm leaving him slump
EK pop and Kim is a bum
Blockwork ain't never do nothing
He rapping and capping til' we meet in public
Nigga bluffing
And I'm smoking on [?] mix a lil' Rah now it's bussing
And I'm smoking on [?] yall ain't put in no pain
And I'm smoking on [?] yall ain't put in no pain
Like what like what

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