Do you get a lot of calls from your sales team or partners about stock availability?

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A company must have a proper connectivity with its sales team and partners so that everybody is well informed about latest updates on the product demand and the stock. This will help optimise the sales order management. Staying updated through a good communication medium is the mantra for the sales business
People hate delay in the sales order. They have no time to chat over a cup of tea. In this cutting-edge technology era, everybody is looking for “press button and take it” option
So how do you manage your sale order for your business? Are you still taking phone calls and informing people about the latest development? Are you tired of telling the number of stock availability to each person? Is your inventory management system well-equipped with the latest technology?
One missed call can blackout the whole process
A phone call is associated with the one-to-one process. You can speak with one person at one time. Using a phone as the means of communication in inventory management could slow down the ordering process. As an example, a buyer just ordered a specific product from the company. Meanwhile, the sales team needs the latest information about the availability of another product. In this scenario, the inventory manager might effortlessly discuss the matter with these two parties through separate phone calls. However, when it comes to multiple calls from multiple partners, there would be chaos in the management and this could follow by certain disruptions in other sale activities
Other problems of the phone are missed calls and unavailability of the person who is supposed to accept the calls. If the assigned person is on a break, the callers have to wait for the return call. This could delay the sales activity and the chain reaction could be even worse
Take a break from phone calls
Managing the inventory in a sales business is a nerve-racking job. You need to stay alert so that you can respond to the inquiries on the latest information about the stock. This management involves critical tasks like stock supervising, sales order processing, managing space for stock, quality check, shipping, and monitoring the number of products. Certain activities in marketing like product pricing, restocking, and products on the line are regulated by the outcomes from inventory management
All these activities engaged multiple employees who are operating the process from different locations. They need to stay connected to each other on any count. All these crucial activities can’t be exercised through phone calls
Make a quick sales order with digital catalog
A digital catalog can resolve all the troubles in inventory management. Catalog Bar, the e-catalog software is a B2B commerce platform where buyers and sellers and do their trade activities without hassle in a quick session. With this order management software, you can manage all the tasks involved with the buy and the selling business. You can add, edit, and update any information about the stock and let users view it from their devices. Any user including salesperson, B2B partner, or end customer can access this order management software from a mobile, tablet, or a laptop. The mobile product catalog app is a less expensive and easy-to-use software. Every function can be performed in one touch on the button. Even people with no technical knowledge can manage their own catalog on this dynamic mobile sales app
Bring one and all to single platform
By using Catalog Bar, you can attend all the traders on one platform. With the help of this content management system, you can give access to your sales reps and multiple partners and share the trade information with them. Users from different locations can take the look into the information about everything related to sales and your brand. Multiple users can perform multiple tasks on one portal. For example, a buyer can view the availability of the products, a salesperson can track the delivery process from warehouse to sales outlet, an inventory manager can receive quick sales orders, or an end customer can view the latest report on surge pricing by simply accessing to the application
Catalog Bar is the ultimate tool for sales business and it is also a secure application. All the data flow in this app is SSL encrypted. You can attach classified files to your catalog and share with individuals as per your business. Only admin can manage the user’s rights to access the catalog Visit here :[email protected] - 4, Sector 6, Noida, UP - 201301,IndiaProduct catalogue software
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