Lyrics from Snippet [Intro: Kendrick Lamar]
Too many opinions in the glasshouse
This world full of ego, let me cash out[Chorus: Baby Keem]
Jump in that—, jump in that bitch (Ho)
Jump in that— (Ho), jump in that bitch (Ho)
Jump in that— (Ho, ho), jump in that—
(Jump in that bitch)
(Fuck nigga)
Jump in that bitch, run in that bitch
Jump in that-jump in that bitch[Verse: Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar]
Two trench coats in the bag
Baby Keem, king of rap
And I think he just came back
How the fuck did I go back? (pgLang)
Get your case off my back (pgLang)
That my son, wait, relax (It's the language)
Beat my son, go to your room (pgLang, pgLang)
Stop sneak-dissin', that ain't bool
Play both sides, huh
She love all my guys, huh

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