Lyrics from Snippets [Chorus: Baby Keem]
Jump in that— (Huh, huh), jump in that bitch
Jump in that— (Huh, huh), jump in that five
Jump in that bitch
He ain't got five
[?] coming at bitch
Coming at bitch, coming at bitch
Drumming that— (Huh, huh), drumming that bitch[Verse: Baby Keem]
Doing circles, it's a bird, bird
Take him to the projects, he's a nerd, bow bow
I seen niggas hittin' corners in the motherfuckin' birds, bow bow
Not politickin' with the competition, what's the [?]
Put that on my mama, nigga, ate in the process
Niggas tryna tiptoes through the progress
[?] truth [?] object
What's the pros and cons of this next check?
[?] nobody around I was in the [?]
In the 90s [?] with the windows tinted
Had a bomb, got the strap at the party
Where the fuck niggas? At the party (Bounce)
Beat 'em up (Bounce), beat 'em up, beat 'еm up, beat 'em up
I was seeing double in thе projects, mad at myself when I put it to the side
Mama had the cheddar for the coupe that we rode after school on the way to Popeyes (Bounce)
And niggas wanna play both sides, it's a raid, dot
Don't get on the wrong red eye
It's a headshot, let me [?] who are them guys
Fuck around and [?] two of them guys
I'm OD in Paris, I'm OD in France, I thought that I told you, I need the advance
Put that on IG and look through my lens
A million to grandma, who did I offend?
The girl of your dreams to me is a fan
[?] and did a lil dance
I'm fuckin' the world, my hands in my pants
My uncle G told me that I had-

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