(Dipping my feet
I know how to breathe
I go underneath
The concave—
Retreat into deep space
I'm in my thoughts again
I don't know when it'll end
But I'll reach the deep end
Swimming back to the surface) Here we go again, here we go again
Try not to depend, try not to depend
Disappointment seeps in cos
I'm not a girl, not a boy
In this world, just a toyI'm
Saving up the coins for a loan
(Not alone)
Taking care of old when I'm young
(Got a home)
So I'm hoping that she stays wide awake
Long enough for me to bend, and mend, and tend
And lendA hand to hold
And clothes to fold
Thе stories told:
My heart unfolds
I'm tying time to my lifе
(Tying time to my life)
Coping when it's time to die
Coping when it's time to die
(Die, die, die)(I'm floating)

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