We like to say what we like to say



They say it’s all useless
They say we’re all clueless
Cuz we like to say what we like to say What’s under the surface
I’ll let it be, if it be
Congruent with my melody
Lemme see
So fluent with my everything
That’s you B
I get confused with some jealousy
Yes i be human
Yup, i’m a hue’d man
When i’m moving
Whatchu doing
Perusing the useless
Gimme some grass and a sauv glass
And i’ll find a way to laugh at the masses
So shook they bе stuck on the fox
While i’m not giving no fux
I’m a lil bit lost at the tactic thеy got
Being stuck in a box
Yo looking at clocks
Makes me stressed about the end
The outcome and the how comes
I’m so numb
Feels like the Meteora days once again
Next thing i’m saying goodbye to my best friends

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