Two of us lyrics

I don’t think i knew you much
Just saw you on the southside of my favorite spot
Sippin’ gin and tonnies (with lime)
Looking like my future mommy (in time)
Got your number then i called you up
But playin’ games with my soul is the last i want
If all you’re tryin’ to do is flaunt
This is finna be a short ass jaunt No, you can’t take my love away from me
If you trying to i swear i’ll wear it on my sleeve
Why you acting like you know my whole philosophy
When you put doubts in meYea, even after a while
The thought of you makes me smile
Ay, when i spit a freestyle
I still believe in our how, and when?
When you tryna makе amends with me
I see you out therе
With you and all of your friends
Curious of when our time is in
Yo i’m all in with that patience card
Living like mistakes made
Ain't gone cost me too large
Yo i’m all in with that patience card
Living like what you say
Ain't gone make or break my heartCHORUS

Aym – Two of us

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