I guess i didn’t have what it takes
To make you wanna hold on forever
I guess i don’t know what it takes
To make you wanna hold on forever Patience, a word that gets on my nerves
When it’s all i observe
Only to see it spurned
I wait till next sun but that’s no fun
When the next sun
Is setting in on when i’m done
Next days are so bright for you
All i could do is speak my truth
And see if it glued for you
But what can elmer’s do?
When maybe i’m
Looking more like elmer fudd
And you’re buggs bunny
I throw all my attempts in the gutter
While you sit back and just find it funny
But my carrot is heirloom
And i see how it consumes you
Gobbling in that vitamin C
Gives that vision boosts
Then the transfers happened
I gave it away
Only to watch your words turn
From everything that you’d say
So confusing but i get it
With a lot on your plate
And the veggies you just ate
No room for me in your fate, but wait…
Nah, nevermind, go ahead
Lessons to be learned and better off with me
Just a thought in your headCHORUSPatience, a word that keeps me driven
Moving forward toward what i want
Regardless of all i’ve given
Half my heart left, won’t digress ‘till i
Feel fulfillment, inside of my chest, but i
Can’t really see what’s in front of me
Because it’s so skewed with the energy
Busyness around is an enemy
Yo i need peace and serenity
And thought in you i’d befriended thee
But then i did some remembering
I’m the only one who can let it be
Ain’t no controlling my synergy
It’s the only way out, is not losing self in doubt
I can’t possibly surmount what i
Can’t even count and that
Includes the amount
Of the time i’d spent hoping that
You’d bring me out (yeah)
Almost three decades
Still learning lessons, still apprehensive
Still wondering if its worth it, worth what?
Worth it, to give it all
When it all seems dumb luck
No other choice to me
This is who i be
Cuz even when you leave
I don’t need the eulogyCHORUS

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