86 lyrics

Twist it up, tryna make some cents
Never fucking really know where my mind is
I never fucking really know if my mind
Is twisted up, tryna make some sense
Never fucking really know where my mind is
I never fucking really know

Ay whether it’s inside of me (or)
Not yet to be
I try to keep my blinders set
To open sea (to open, see)
It’s easy to get lost in thee, broken dream
But when the nightmare strikеs for me
I conquer thee
Interjеct myself in seas of pretty things
And when the vision comes to seize
Get lost in trees
Moss’d it with a long TD from Dante C
Oop’d it with a slam from Shaq by the Kobe
Pimento peppers if you catch me nappin’
I’m selling brisket till the 86 happens
A finger of redemption rye
Why not give a try
Worst that could happen is you spit it
Right in my eye
I love it, the stars still the mothership
Haven’t seen them so clear since with the U.P. kin
You be okay kid?
Okay great i hope you ain't telling fibs
Yo yo, i hope you ain't telling Phib


Hold it hold it for a second
(the door)
You thought i was leaving by yo i’m coming back
(for more)
You’re probably right, i’ve indulged much but
Have yet plucked my quota of enough touch
And not in the physical
But in the mental and spirit
I, do what i can just make you feel it
I’m, moving again away from deliriousness but
Sometimes that shit’s a trap and i’m boxed in
Fuck that orange head prez
(i) coulda been dead without healthcare
By the time this song’s out my head
Conditions preexisting don’t exist when the wallets fat
The condition you’s in is, thanks to your dad
My two Pops, props for giving me a chance to be me
To freestyle fluently whatever i can see
Consciousness, be the next level optics
Keep it 20/20 or you’ll probably feel lost and…


Aym – 86

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