Time Capsule lyrics

Attention everyone
The following experience will take you back in time
This is not a test
Once opened, there's no turning back
So please prepare yourself
And get ready for take off Ten
One one one one one...This is a time capsuleDo you remember the days that you wish would've nеver ended
All thе memories and experiences that made you who you are today
Put in a box that you can open whenever you feel lonely
And which will take you back to a time full of happiness and joy
Now you're standing here
With a desire to let go of all your worries
So prepare yourself for this once in a lifetime journey
An experience that you will never forget
This is the revolution of your life
This is a time capsuleThis is a time
This is a timeThis is a time capsule
AXMO, STVW – Time Capsule

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