Verse 1: More than reckless, honest effort
Never hit me back but I got the message
She see right through me she a lie detector, though
We can talk about it you just gotta let me knowThis the last time, you don’t owe me
Favours, ya
Girl you know I said that you my only favourite, ya
You ain’t gotta show out, you can show me later, YaWhen I’m in your city than I’m bout whatever
Know you think about it when we not together
Come and fuck with me we could pop whenever... yupPut the whole stash in a blunt
Girl I fucked up with ya lil pretty ass now I’m stuck
And I’m trippin this shit gettin really bad it’s been months
If you wit it we can hit the northside with some real ones, big money flippers, we been racking it up
Been a minute since I hit it no lie, tryna feel some, I could pull up on you run it back girl wassup?Keep a buck, am I trippin is you really bout that action or what
312 stu Q, me, flash in the cut
Captions do damage don’t cry
Happened at least 3-4 times, Ye
Passive, and savage, your both sides
But if you match that with the fact that you provide I know....So let’s go?Hook:
Gotta be on my shit, Ye
Gotta be honest, ye
I’m focused
Gotta stay coastin
Need automars on both wrists
That’s the motive
No I could never let no fortune go
I cannot let no -
Cuffed her once, feel like I told ya
Cuffed her twice, never got over
I pretend, that I don’t know her
My defense, all the way up
I know
So let’s go?

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