March lyrics

Moving in unity, puppets on strings swing
Trapped in captivity, strapped to vapid things
All living in oblivion, optical obsidian
Locked in a box, taught not to ever come out again Forfeiting freedoms, gorging their illusions
Scores of orchestrations, forging more confusion
Fusing collusion, gimmicks, and greed
The blue bloods will cut you just for fun to watch you bleedThe artfulness in this artifice
It’s crafted very clearly
Get in line, do what you’re told
Or my dear you’ll suffer dearly
Plant the placebos, impregnate the minds
Have people feeling helpless, not some, but all of the timeVitality to banality, machine assimilation
Lubricated by lifeblood and hеrd perspiration
Deities arе now digital and glamour is God
No longer Allahu Akbar, it’s all a facadeDocility, servility, subservient meekness
Open obedience to feed on the weakest
Praising the pixels of holographic heroes
Keep it up and we’ll be the ones who are zeroes
[PRE-Chorus 1]
This isn’t trite, get up, we’ve gotta fight![Chorus]
Left, right, left, right, left, right
Through the night
Left, right, left, right, left, right
Into the light
Left, right, left, right, left, right
With full hearts
Left, right, left, right
Sound off
We march![VERSE 2]
Moving in unity, brothers in stride
Eyes set to the horizon, fire in the sky
All side by side, pacing proudly in a pride
Like lions to Zion, not afraid to dieThese sages for change, who flew from the cage
Headstrong, chains gone, en route to engage
In range as the first shot sails from beyond
Arms drawn, they respond screaming, "Bring it on!”We, the elite freed fleet agreed allegiance
A creed to decimate any breed or deed deemed egregious:
Fame floozies, low lives, the onanistic
So twisted, their own existence is just scripted
Hive minds who fly blind and vie for validation
From serpents who serve lies and gilded temptations
Soft times, soft spines, lined up to be melded
Mankind is standing at the vet to get geldedNo more, it's war!
For order to restore
What's unjust must be gored at the tip of liberty's sword
Oh, no telegnosis to tell you I know this
History is fixed, but the future exists in your fists[PRE-Chorus 2]
You and I, no try, it’s do or die![Chorus][VERSE 3]
If you think my diatribe is a far cry, I’ll hit you with some wisdom
We may be merely days away from baby’s brains with chips in them
You wanna roll the dice? Be my guest
As for the rest of us, we'll be in this quest, abreast, while we have breath, contesting...[Chorus]

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