[Verse 1]
Shut the fuck up
AVE says, ''Shut the fuck up''
A wrack gotta search help 'cause he a nobody
I might go Hopkins and eat y'all with a nice chianti
You out from the shower and still lookin' like a rapist
Knecht Ruprecht been lookin' for some bad kids
I'm so tired, all the same bitches around me actin'
Like god and being more silent than Charlie Chaplin
My flow so freaky deaky sick like a Corona patient
A Powerade placement would be the only thing I would take it
'Cause fuck this, I'm not fucking commercial, bitch
My shit is dirty, not clean like the skin of a dermatologist
So underground, I don't have a page on Wikipedia
My white ass been spittin' but still being serious
I used to have this big thing called life easier
Where I spun to the light as a kid like Kim Yuna
Now today I have to deal with World Wide Web toxicity
Not doing anything than sitting with a quad pain in knee
Don't givin' fucks 'bout any borders like dark comedy
If I'm gay then why I don't fuck with the humanity? [Verse 2]
Shut the fuck up
AVE says, ''Shut the fuck up''
And if you still don't shut it up then you muhfucker must
Eat my ass till you peg out from my shit and turn into dust
Rappin' but I still got no stamina
The only thing you have to do is to shut your cotton mouth
Watch out for these musicians, they ain't loyal
I'm seriously done with this shit, this is the final point, pal

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