Shook1nes (Remix) lyrics

[Intro : Price]
That Mobb Deep shit
We gon' do it like this
This for my young gorillas and my hundred dollar bills
You now rock-rockin' with the love dealers
My Turn! [Verse 1 : Price]
Used to get full off top ramen, now I'm at the top rhyming
Don't say we underrated my nigga it's God's timing
The players can't get phased by the haters, that's sidelining
I’m more concerned with babes on the bleachers that’s side eyein'
I seen a lot of rappers be the man for the summer
See 'em a year later look like they dying from hunger
The best feeling is shitting on niggas that tried to son ya'
First they wouldn't pick up your number now they want a favor from ya'
Look at Karma kickin' ass, as usual
Rappers all chasin' each other's tails, as usual
First it was the Migos now they all using the Future flow
Man where the fuck did the innovators of music go
Then I looked in the mirror like stop being delusional
You should know your raps is the truest that's indisputable
B-O-Dub baby some movements just ain't movable
Like get your ass that work better stay away from this cubicle
Fourth quarter focus, side to side with my teammates
Young black face was told to go get that green face
So I hit the store an puttin' down for my team sake
Gotta get my pitch perfect so I can make that Ester Dean cake
Ya better pay up what that feed do
Good Vibe Tribe I promise was just a preview
Yellin' R.I.P. T2 everytime I see you
Screamin' R.I.P. T2 nigga what that beef do
Voices in my head got me backslidin'
One minute I want peace
Next minute I'm in a backseat with a mask ridin'
My ex callin' my phone she sound mad cryin'
I look down on my watch and told her it's bad-timing
I got you stuck off the real, it be the infamous
The Bishop kid watch yo mouth cuz you know how my temper get
To get it like I got it, its intricate you ain't meant for it
More commas than run-on sentences
I'm the sickest bitch !
My squad comes equip for warfare beware x8[Verse 2 : Oktane]
Look Westcoast niggas step aside while I rip it down
I got everybody we takin' decisions now
Shut the fuck up I'm 'bout to tell you how you did it
Niggas been fresh when really want to admit it
Like back in 09' skinny pants you wanna fight me
Now I look around and all you niggas dress like me
So now I'm watchin' clones makin' songs that don't excite me
And vegetarian niggas that front like they like beef
White cops bustin blacks heads to the white meat
Now they want us low key, fuck that this high key
No I'm not that nigga you foo-foo should come mess with
No I haven't seen a damn thing that I'm impress with
And no I'm not concerned cause I know we got that next shit
And no I don't wanna be no double XL Freshman
Only me, this beat and everything I'm blessed with
Nobody else on my pen and pad when I wreck shit
Half of the time there ain't no pen and pad when I step in
Left clique and hit that spaceball watch these neck split
Chocolate nigga makin all these birds hit that Nesquik
Terrance tell them niggas no words, make them checks hit
My name Oktane, so ether was expected
And ain't no young niggas well with words, bitch respect this
How could you not nigga ? Man stop
You ain't been this nervous since Hit 'Em up and that's Pac nigga
I only keep the real around me, straight drop nigga
So get down or lay down if you're not with us
This is real and nah we ain't play fair
This what happens when the game play scare
Let's take it there yeah[Hook]
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