[Verse 1: Price]
Black thang, fine as Heaven
Call the reverend

Six inch heels, One up in the seven
Look at how she steppin'
I gotta speak highly
She got a man so she hide me
She wanna be Kylie I wanna be irie
You got some tree or some shit we could light
I don't like bananas but I'm finna go bananas

If you let a nigga fuck just know I'm pullin' out my camera
I got hoes in Atlanta, don't know nothin' about a panda
Prolly should this verse on Outkast "West Savannah"
I was 10 years old when I first got a blue bandana
I was 14 when I got me a brand new hammer
Now I'm on the road they got my logo on a banner

Smell like marijuana, mama says I got no manners
I really live the shit I ain't the type to act it
You believe all that hype because you hyperactive
Friends on the internet niggas typeractive
I rock my own clothes and I like that active
I gotta get to the grip
Like a ant at a picnic get to the chip
You niggas puttin' on a show I can get with the shit
Nigga puttin' on a show, that Ridiculousness
Hold up! Wait
Get up, 'fore a real Westside nigga
We just dropped the video for Leftside nigga
Prayin' all the real live and all the rest die nigga
I heard you hit the yard and tried to testify nigga
And that's the reason why I had to fall back while I earned cheese
Gettin' head in the backseat while I burn weed
And she only wanna ride me to My Turn 3
Price [Verse 2: Oktane]
Hold up, oh damn
Wait that's not babe no
She couldn't trust me
Thank you God, dodged a bullet
And I got lucky
Found one that really know wassup
And I called her after glowin' up
She done had her share Lord know I had mine
And we takin' out time but we know it's us
My ex down graded like she skipped a class
So sad but off that my new one she black and cubain
With a grip of ass
She sell heart for a grip of cash
Me I fell back, take my time with it
Did a tour, you probably stood in line
I came back to rap and niggas still here lyin'
It's the real thing and i'm not even tryin'
Break it down for me, 2017 James Brown for me
Do that thang with your tongue all around for me
Yes girl like that I love it
Do it in public and you said "fuck it"
Backseat, scratch scratch to my back 'till my back bleed
Niggas better Google something better Ask Jeeves
'Fore I run it, real nigga track meat
Now Caroline, Caroline
You done go to calculator to divide

A thousand oppinions just to decide
What the fuck to eat and who should drive
You never found yourself so it's hard to believe you found someone else
And if you did then I'm happy
I wish you well but that's just a distraction
You sick as hell, you foolish stupid
I'm back and I'm focused
Fuck a chapter, took the book and closed it
Call for backup or you'll get exposed quick
I'm just rappin' and snappin' so cold bitch
You don't even match up to my old shit
Got her high as Mary Poppins
Spell it out caps lock and both bitch
Sorry for cussing My Turn 3 man[Outro: Oktane]
My Turn 3 man
My Turn 3 man, you need it
My Turn 3
2017 to infinity we unstoppable my nigga
You can't fuck with us and you never will (never)
My Turn 3
Thank you, I'm out

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